Individuals and teams can engage in an intense and adaptive learning process to help them get ‘unstuck’. This will support their aspiration to meet the new demands of more complex roles, worlds and lives.

  • Development cycles for individuals who feel stuck and are eager to discover how they may be getting in their own way; individuals who also wish to ‘safely get their foot off the brakes’ and grow on-the-job into a bigger, better version of themselves, for professional and personal reasons.
  • Team development within organizations for teams who have tried hard to ‘make it work’ but who feel stuck and puzzled by their inability to turn the dysfunctional patterns around. Teams who do not want to accept this status quo. Who want to discover if and how their self-protective patterns block real progress. And who want to keep each other accountable in a positive way to collectively develop a bigger, more complex mindset and behaviours that increase the ease and joy of a renewed level of collaboration.

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