Get unstuck and thrive

Leaders like you face new demands in increasingly complex and uncertain jobs, worlds and lives. Many leaders also realize that sometimes, when they meet their ‘growth edge’, exercising more ‘will and skill’ is not enough. They can feel stuck in their progress. An adaptive learning approach can prevent this or help them ‘get unstuck’ – in service of their lifelong development.

Much of leadership development, at the core, involves some form of re-negotiation with others, and with yourself. When leaders and teams get a deeper perspective on this, and practice with it on-the-job, they evolve from the inside-out, and thrive.

Grow on-the-job, within 3-5 months.



Support for leaders and teams to get ‘unstuck’ through on-the-job development cycles. Within 3-5 months they develop a mindset and behaviours that are needed to thrive in times of complexity and uncertainty.


Fusing the client needs with a practical and tailored developmental approach proves to be powerful, meaningful and engaging.


The drives that I bring into the realtionship are independent thinking, creativity, innovation, development, harmony, and connection. Usually, but not exclusively, I work in engineering, consultancy, pharmaceuticals, professional services, and contract research sectors; adding up to more than 20 years of experience as trusted advisor to leaders and teams.