To increase the agility of our global sales organization, we adjusted roles and responsibilities of key players around the world.
I asked Cornelis to support these leaders in making an effective transition into their new roles.

By working closely with regional leaders at all levels, Cornelis also helped us to look at organizational themes that emerged in our first year. In doing so, he supported us in making the required shifts.
I would recommend Cornelis for his quality to jointly translate company targets into a flexible journey to change organizational design as well as individual and collective behaviours.

Vice President, Global Specialty Chemical Company, United States

The development sessions with Cornelis were very helpful to me. The insight into my ‘hidden assumptions’ and how they were holding me back was a real revelation. The on-the-job learnings were absolutely useful with regard to my leadership development journey and in my every-day  stakeholder management situations. A very fruitful and pleasant way of developing and coaching!

Global Research Program Leader, Medical Nutrition Company, Netherlands

I approached Cornelis to help me become more pro-active in shaping the ‘second half’ of my career. Together we identified two parallel tracks. Track 1: WHY & WHAT and Track 2: HOW I make decisions.

I had set my hopes on the first, thinking that I would get some helpful insights, tools and tips that I could then (on my own) weave into the second track. While that was also true, the whole journey took on a much more profound course at the beginning of the third session. Cornelis then asked me (3 times!) if I wanted to also dig deeper. And I said ‘Yes’.

I did not expect that what followed would be so intense and valuable. He really put me to work with the experiments and reflections in between our coaching sessions; something I also wanted to do. In hindsight, I believe that I have benefited most from working on this deeper level; I uncovered and tested my Big Assumptions that were at play in Track 1 and 2.

It really helped me to clarify and expand my perceptions and behaviours, to feel more curious, in charge and relaxed. I am now not ‘ready to make progress’, but through the 4 months coaching journey I have made real progress, I created a real future.

Working with Cornelis I felt, from the very beginning, a lot of trust and safety; I never had a hesitation to keep things from him. I also did not feel judged; he was curious, trying to really understand me (making me understand myself better). He also challenged me frequently and I never had the feeling that something was forced upon me.

Senior Project Manager, Applied Research Organization, the Netherlands

Cornelis gives right mix of challenge and support for my development. Professional, warm and inspiring person.

European Sector Leader, Engineering & Consultancy Organisation, Netherlands

Cornelis helped  me get unstuck and grow into the leadership role I aspired. His listening and questioning were invaluable during my on-the-job experiments. He was very good in making me actually wanting to do the hard but rewarding work of thinking and feeling things through. He was always there for me, engaged, not opinionated.

National Sales Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Turkey

Great company, with lots of humour, respectful, thoughtful, while keeping his focus on the task at hand: my development as a leader. Within a matter of months many things are falling into place,  and I have made great progress.

Business Development Director, Managed Service Provider, Netherlands

Sterling work!

  CEO of Global Advisory organisation

Because of my hidden beliefs,  I was delegating in my manner. I couldn’t even see another way. I was thinking that if I weren’t doing what I was I doing, I’d have a big problem and be unsuccessful. After testing my Big Assumption, everything is possible. My assumption is wrong, not real. I’ve delegated a lot better than I was doing before and it was much more successful; in my relationships and outcomes, and I was happier and the team too.

  Commercial Director, Pharmaceutical Company, Turkey

I became better in managing conflicts and negotiating with the assistance of Cornelis.
It was challenging, yet an amazing experience for me.
Wonderful to learn new ways to grow and feel more in control with courage and confidence.

  VP Operations, Commercial bank, Netherlands